Jaime Pryor

Welcome To Jaime Pryor Photography

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Jaime and I am glad you are here! Just to give you a quick introduction, I’m passionate about photography and love capturing moments with pictures! I love building relationships with my clients, both before and after the session and capturing their special moments is my favorite part!


What are you doing when you aren’t behind a camera?

You can find me hanging out with my sweet guy, watching Netflix (Gilmore Girls all day), eating cookie dough or ice cream, catching up with my girlfriends, and hanging out with my family!

What photos are your favorites to shoot?

I don’t think I could pick just one type! I love pretty much all because each type is unique and special!

What are you favorite things about life?

I love to love people, which is why I love photography because I get the chance to interact with people all the time, get to hear their story and appreciate what makes them special. I also love elephants, if you know me/when you meet me you will see I am wearing a piece of elephant jewelry at all times. Puppies are also part of my favorite things in life, especially bulldogs (mom & dad if you are reading this.. my birthday is coming upJ)!

How did I get involved with photography?

A couple years ago, I was on a mission trip to the Philippines with a bunch of high school students and a couple of my friends had brought their really nice cameras and I was like oh hmm I want to try that. A couple months after the trip I bought my own camera and the rest is history;)



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