2016 Sessions

The King Family

The King Family- I could probably write a book on how amazing this family is but I’ll keep it short and sweet! This family is loving, kind, deserving and so many other words that I couldn’t even fit in this paragraph. I am more than blessed to know these wonderful people. Tom set up this shoot for Amanda’s birthday, which was the sweetest gift (I may be a little biased but oh well). Definitely a birthday she will remember and something she can look back on for years to come! xoxo

king_final1 king_final24 king_final23 king_final22 king_final21 king_final20 king_final19 king_final18 king_final17 king_final16 king_final15 king_final14 king_final13 king_final12 king_final10 king_final9 king_final8 king_final7 king_final6 king_final5 king_final4 king_final3 king_final2


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